Prance vs All Cats

Just because we loved watching this…


Long Distance Run Today

Well done athletes! The children ran approx 400 metres, and did their very best.

Ruby Wells
Ruby W.C
The boys on the start line
And… they’re off!
Tarn and Ayden
Jake H
Kennedy and Tarn… nearly there!
Jake H about to cross that line!

Stained glass shapes

With the help of Miss White (Serena), Room 2 has created a beautiful stained glass window. The children learned about the number of sides on different shapes and were then able to create shapes using popsicle sticks. We love it and the light it casts into the classroom.


The New Zealand Shakeout

On Thursday at 9.15, many schools and businesses around NZ were participating in the New Zealand Shakeout. This was an earthquake drill. The children were very prepared and many knew exactly what to do. We had a great discussion about many aspects of staying safe in the classroom

First we practiced the Turtle. Some children were able to get to a table and hold onto it.
After we did the Turtle, the whole school assembled on the back court, just like we would in a fire drill. We checked that everybody was present, and then went back to our maths lesson inside.

Art Week and Art Walk

Our art focussed couple of weeks was a huge success. The children created some incredible works of art, learned some new techniques and the value of planning and taking your time with a piece of art. We will keep these beautiful pieces up in the classroom for a while, if you missed the Art Walk, please come in and view!

FullSizeRender 307FullSizeRender 304 FullSizeRender 289 FullSizeRender 291 FullSizeRender 288FullSizeRender 292 FullSizeRender 302

We felt super proud of the art around the school, and the community feeling of the Chalk Art and Art Walk was genuine, and super positive. What a buzz!

FullSizeRender 286 FullSizeRender 295 FullSizeRender 296 FullSizeRender 297 FullSizeRender 301 FullSizeRender 305

Teaser alert…

FullSizeRender 278FullSizeRender 266FullSizeRender 253

We hope you can make it tomorrow afternoon between 2 and 3pm for our Art Walk. We are excited to show you our art, and to see the creations that the rest of the school have done! There will also be nibbles to share and time to catch up with friends so come along and enjoy the talents of your artistic children.

Art Week Wednesday: Sketching with Simon Edwards

Today we had Simon Edwards in our classroom. He is a full time artist working in the city in a studio with 5 other artists.

You can see some of his work here:

He worked with all of the children in the school, in 3 groups. Rooms 1 & 2 worked on a sketch of a pukeko. We looked at the big and small shapes we could see in the bird. We will finish this and attempt another piece as well.

FullSizeRender 233 FullSizeRender 237 FullSizeRender 241 FullSizeRender 236 FullSizeRender 240 FullSizeRender 245 FullSizeRender 232 FullSizeRender 239 FullSizeRender 242 FullSizeRender 235 FullSizeRender 238

Art Week Tuesday: Landscape Preparation

On Tuesday we began our landscape art preparation.

First we drew our outline on a whiteboard about the same size as our finished pieces. Planning was important so that we knew where everything would be on the paper. It was good doing the first plan on a whiteboard because we could rub it out easily and change it.

 FullSizeRender 231 FullSizeRender 230 FullSizeRender 228

Next, we did a pencil sketch on paper, practicing being really light with the pencils. Once we had that done, we tried adding colours using crayons.

FullSizeRender 223 FullSizeRender 225 FullSizeRender 226

After that, we were ready to do our pencil plan on the good paper. We still had to be very careful about the outlines so that we could get our paint colours in the right place.

FullSizeRender 224 FullSizeRender 219

Stay tuned for the next instalment!

Tomorrow we have Simon Edwards giving us a sketching lesson. He is a very talented local artist .

Art Week: Monday, Central City Street Art Visit

On Monday we rugged up and went into the centre of Christchurch to have a look at some of the street art. The children  really tuned in and noticed so many different pieces of art, in all sorts of places. We wonder what will happen when some of this art is built out… Maybe it will be discovered again one day, like the ‘Paint’ poster on Manchester St. A big thank you to our parent helpers for transporting Room 2, and braving the cold!

FullSizeRender 185 FullSizeRender 215 FullSizeRender 177 FullSizeRender 175 IMG_8566 FullSizeRender 178 FullSizeRender 186 IMG_8578 FullSizeRender 174 IMG_8582 IMG_8583 FullSizeRender 214 FullSizeRender 191 FullSizeRender 206 FullSizeRender 212 FullSizeRender 192 FullSizeRender 216 FullSizeRender 207 FullSizeRender 199 FullSizeRender 190 FullSizeRender 203 FullSizeRender 193 016 021 023 036